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SOUR / 375ML / 6.4 ALC

In 2007 I was travelling through Belgium and found myself perched at a bar with my first ever sour beer, 3 Fontenien. I was totally rocked by its complexity and unnerving acidity. The 3 Fontenien range is often blended from multiple barrels from a string of different batches. They are wild, bretty, nutty and always take me to happy place.   

From the Prodycer: Cuvée Armand & Gaston was blended with lambikken from five different barrels and originates from ten brews. The oldest lambik was brewed at the beginning of 2016. This blend only contains young and three-year-old lambik and has aged for almost two years at the time of this release

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen is one of the last traditional lambic breweries and geuze blenders in Belgium. Rooted in the village of Beersel in the Zenne Valley between Brussels and the Pajottenland, 3 Fonteinen has a firm belief of what lambic tradition looks like. That is why we steadfastly continue to create the finest authentic lambic beers – 100% spontaneous from brew to bottle – continuing with the same strict process and craftsmanship used by Gaston and Armand Debelder. Family-owned with a team of 15 enthusiasts, we still brew in the village centre of Beersel while giving our barrels and bottles of geuze and fruit lambic time to develop in our warm room in Lot, a few kilometers away from the brewery.