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The most distinctive wines in the world are made by passionate growers who work with varieties suited to their patch of land. Callet is one of these varieties, symbiotic with the ferrous rock, picturesque countryside and the salty sea breeze that is the island of Mallorca. 4 Kilos Vinicola is one of these producers making one of our favourite examples of this unique variety. The wine is delicate with a notable savoury salinity. There is muchas textural quince, pomegranate and a black tea grip. It is a wine for food or the fireplace. Seriously delicious.

From the distributor: A kilo is old Spanish slang for a million pesetas (in today's money, about 6000 euros. Project owners Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero, started the business by chipping in 2 kilos each - 4 kilos. Mallorca yields definitively Mediterranean wines - it's warm, but fresh and its climate is surprisingly conducive to good wine, and 4 Kilos is clearly the leader in quality and style. Mallorca is home to two discrete appellations: DO Binissalem Mallorca in the North-West and DO Pla i Llevant in the South-East of the island, and 4 Kilos make wines from both regions. Located in the triangle between Sardinia, Tunisia and Barcelona, Mallorca yields definitively Mediterranean wines. Warm, but fresh, the climate is surprisingly conducive to good wine. There are some unremarkable local white varieties - Prensal blanc and others, and a bit of Chardonnay too, but the Callet and Manto Negro red wines are what count. Of several decent wines made nowadays on Mallorca, 4 Kilos is clearly the leader in quality and style.