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Sangiovese left on skins for 50 days, before being aged for 42 months in large format Slavonian Oak. The resulting wine is rich and deeply complex. A saline edge is present that folds through the sun-soaked fruit profile. 

From the Producer: Ten long years passed between planting our vineyard and releasing the first bottles of this wine. We think of Brunello as a paean to Montalcino, a synthesis of everything that makes this part of the world so special; its unique combination of soils, sea breezes and woodlands. These elements find their expression in our Brunello; sun-baked saline notes, meaty aromas, heady Mediterranean herbs and fresh minerality. It is a wine that requires time and patience. We have learned to take care of it during its aging period, coaxing youthful characteristics to full maturity and nursing the potential for complexity. In present times, where everything is based on the concept of right here, right now, this is an old-fashioned wine. It is made exclusively from the estate Cru, Vigna del Bosco. Our first vintage of Brunello was 2004.

The vineyards are all located in the Poggio San Polo area in the south-eastern part of Montalcino, along the hills that slope down from Il Greppo towards Castelnuovo dell’Abate. The altitude varies between 420-450 metres above sea level. Some elements characterize this land: the woodlands that surround the vineyards the mighty Monte Amiata behind us, with its dual function as both protective barrier from the weather and thermal regulator the sea breezes that come in from south east and meet winds from north and north east the many hours of sunlight a huge variety of soil (clay, galestro or crumbly marl, lime, quartzite and so on) that defies easy definitions but augments the complexity of the wines abundant water that saves us from the negative effects of drought in dryer vintages.

The vineyards are 4.2 Ha (10.37 acres) divided into two parcels; “Bosco” and “Strada.” The “Strada” vineyard is made up of four smaller areas: Vigna della Strada, Vigna del Lupo, Vigna dell’Alberello and Vigna della Quercia. The only grape varietal planted in all of our Montalcino vineyards is Sangiovese. All vineyard operations are manual, based on the observation of the phases of the moon and the biodynamic calendar. We combat vine diseases using Sulphur and Copper, combined with natural anti-mildew treatments that rely on propolis and herbal infusions from various plants including yarrow, chamomile, equisetum, nettle and willow.