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Pretty unadulterated Grenache from the mainland. Aged in old oak and concrete, Envinate has pursued pure fruit rather than making wine in the cellar. The wine has a crunchy edge with bright rhubarb and saltbush.

From the Distributor: Envinate's Albahra comes from a remote and unique place and from rare varietals, with this 2019, the latest release the best yet. Made in the Almansa region close to the town of Albacete near Castilla-La Mancha, influenced by the near by Mediterranean Sea

Envinate, which literally translates as “wine yourself,” is the project of four passionate young winemakers: Roberto Santana, Jose Martinez, Laura Ramos and Alfonso Torrente. The four met while studying oenology in Alicante in 2005 and formed a collective based on a shared philosophy of wine and a desire to explore the ancient, Atlantic influenced terroirs of western Spain.

In 2008, the group bought their first vineyard in Ribera Sacra, then took control of vineyards on the north of Tenerife and then ba single patch of Tinta Amarela in Extremadura. Finally, in 2012, they began working a site in Almansa,  planted with Garnacha Tintorera. In each place, the team care for old abandoned vineyards and move frequently around the country.

The Envinate group pride themselves on their work in the vines: a collective of viticulturalists, rather than travelling winemakers. The core of Envinate is a shared philosophy around four critical aspects of their wine:
1. The personality of the site
2. The character of the vintage
3. The soul of the people who work among the vines
4. Not fucking around in the winery because that’s how you make coke.

In the winery, concrete or old oak barrels are used for fermentation and ageing. Sulphur is used only at bottling in minuscule proportions. The labels all acknowledge the vineyards owners, the village and often the soil type.

It’s easy to focus on the passionate and diligent people behind Envinate, but that would be to miss the point of what they do: more than anything else, Envinate is an attempt to express a place and a time through wine.

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