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I was lucky enough to first try this when I was in a tiny bottleshop in Alsace.
The wine is beautifully raw. A slight spritz lifts the already berry forward wine
 into an energetic frenzy. A great example of the versatility of Alsatian wines.

From the Producer: A few acres of vines bequeathed by his grandfather and after
 settling in the family barn belonging to his great uncle, a farmer,
Jérôme François created Uncle Charles' barn. The domain was thus born at the
beginning of 2014.

The vineyard, meadows and orchards are worked biodynamically with the greatest
 respect for age-old traditions.

The vinifications are natural and without any input.A wine can only derive its
 originality from the full expression of its terroir and its microclimate.
These are, moreover, the only inimitable elements in a wine, and it belongs to
the winemaker; concerned about the quality of its product; to restore them as
faithfully as possible, without filter and without additions.

Over the past 50 years, our lands have been abused by chemical and intensive agriculture.

Yields and the economic result were the priority to the detriment of the
 quality of the products. We believe that quality food and a healthy
 environment should be our priority.

The grounds of the estate are worked by horse for 4 months, from mid-March to mid-June. All heavy machinery is excluded. Animal traction has a real
agronomic and energy interest. Indeed, using a horse in the vineyards avoids
 considerably disturbing the strata, which make up the texture of the soil
and the organic life linked to it, by the regular passage of tractors.
In heavy, compact and asphyxiated soil, it is impossible for the vine to
 take root deeply. In addition, the horse's body brings an energy that
blends with that of the vine. A synergy is created between the plant and
the animal. Making a horse work in your vines directly affects the vitality
of the vine.

After the harvest and according to the needs of each of the plots, we spread a compost that comes exclusively from the manure of the animals present on
the estate. Biodynamic preparations 502 to 507 are added to it.
From summer until the end of winter, the ground is completely grassed. In the
 middle of the season, once the grass has reached maturity, it is cut with a
 hand brushcutter or laid down with a roller in order to keep the soil moist
and limit competition between the vines.

In the winter, a flock of Ouessant sheep feed on the grass and transform it

into manure, which constitutes a natural fertilizer for the soil and the vines.