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From the producer: A light, bright and nimble Mediterranean wine, which transports you straight to Sicily, with gorgeous, sun-kissed fruit and nose heady with wildflowers.

Nerocapitano is what the locals in Filippo’s village call Frappato. The fruit here comes from twenty year old vines planted over clay and limestone some 430 metres above sea level. The grapes were fermented on the skins for seven days, before being pressed off to concrete vats for eight months of rest. This is the lightest and brightest version of this wine we have tried, a gorgeous shade of cherry in the glass, it impresses with gentle notes of wildflowers and bitter herbs. Bio certified by Q certificazioni

Azienda agricola Lamoresca” is a young,small agricultural farm in the heart of Sicily. We grow 1000 olive trees and 4 hectares of vineyard. We choose to let nature do its work in the field and in the cellar.

In the year 2000, we purchased our first piece of land, an olive grove with 46 very ancient olive trees of the local “Moresca”variety, after which we named our farm “Lamoresca”. Year after year, the farm growed and now we cultivate about 10 hectares of land, vineyard and olive grove, with the greatest respect for nature.
Lamoresca” is located in the hills, at an altitude of 430 metres above sealevel. The soil is of sandstone and clay. The climat is typical mediteranian : dry, very warm in the summer, very little rain.

The choosen variety of grapes are adapted to our soil and climate. We try to make a wine with a character of its own, without following fashion or trends. We make 3 red wines: “Lamoresca Rosso” is a blend of Nero d'Avola, Frappato and Grenache grapes, “Nerocapitano”, 100% Frappato, and "Mascalisi", a blend of Nerello Mascalese-grapes (70%) and Frappato. The white wine “Lamoresca Bianco”is made from Vermentino-grapes.

We pick the grapes, only when they are perfectly ripe. Fermentation takes place naturally, no yeast is added, in open barrels, temperature non-controlled.
We practice long maceration on the skin, for the red grapes, a little less for the white grapes. The aging continues in old wooden barrels and barrels of vitrified cement.
Our olive grove contains two varieties, typical of our area ; Moresca and Tonda Iblea. Our olives are hand picked and only the perfectly healthy ones are brought to the oil mill, where hygiene is of the highest standard. So we obtain an olive-oil extravergine, very fruity with delicate aromas and typically sicilian.

We work in the greatest respect for nature. Our products are artisanal and organic, bio-certified by Q Certificazioni.

We spend most of our time in the fields of the vinyard and olive grove, our true place of work. The weeds are managed mechanically and to nurture the soil we use cover crops, mostly local legumes. Only if necessary, sulfur based treatments are used against fungal diseases.

In the cellar we dedicate ourselves to showcasing the year's work between the rows of vines. The perfectly ripe grapes arrive in the cellar and are immediately destemmed. Fermentation occurs naturally, in open-top barrels; no yeast is added and the temperature is not controlled. For the red grapes we practice long maceration on the skins, while for the white grapes only a brief maceration is used. The aging continues in a combination of  cement tanks, plastic tanks  and old wooden barrels.