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The Shay's flat is a surging fruit-forward Grenache. The wine deserves a good splash to soften it up and showcase the breadth of what is under the bonnet. Restrained oak has allowed tart berries and an array of other red-fruited classics to shine through.

From the Producer: From the Certified Organic Shay’s Flat vineyard farmed by M.Chapoutier in the Pyrenees, I’m deliriously happy to be working with Grenache again and to wrap my head around a new region! Old, deep Cambrian-Ordovician sandstones and shales through the valley, long weathered and friable with rolling steep hills surrounding the valley. It's a great spot and has a long history with grape farming. Picked for balance, the fruit came in with big ripe red fruit flavours and plenty of natural acids. Often to get that depth of flavour with Grenache it comes with a sacrifice of acid, but here the fruit is farmed well and in the right spot. We handpicked deep into March and esteemed all but 25% of the fruit, fermenting both bunch and berry in one big pot which was wrapped and gassed early to encourage carbonic maceration. Cracking the pot open after 3 days we worked the fruit a little with occasional pump-overs to pull some colour and tannin, with the ferment pressed after 3 weeks total maceration. Moved to seasoned puncheons and barriques for a 10-month rest then bottled in late January of 2021 with a small sulphur addition.